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Enterprise Architecture Management

The high pace of change and development within IT is a big challenge for companies. This can lead to an uncontrollable sprawl within the IT architecture where at some point nobody has an overview anymore. With EAM's structured approach you can achieve transparency by setting the foundation for a sustainable development and governance of your IT landscape. This is an important prerequisite for being able to execute future strategies and react to upcoming changes. Cleaning up pays off both financially and with increased efficiency.

Transparency and overview of your IT landscape

  • Achieve a clear view on you applications and interfaces connecting them.
  • You can meet data protection regulations within reasonable time and resources due to the clearly defined data architecture.
  • Avoid unpleasant surprises due to outdated or discontinued applications.
  • Support and guide projects in your company altering the IT Architecture and simultaneously ensure an up-to-date and significant documentation.

Sustainable development and governance of the IT Architecture

  • Take over the steering wheel and proactively shape the future of the IT Architecture.
  • Understand the needs of your customers and end users and meet them with the right solutions.
  • Avoid nasty discussions and escalations by defining clear roles and responsibilities.
  • Increase the vigor of your IT architecture and simultaneously reduce costs sustainably.

Strategy, done through

  • Translate your corporate strategy into a feasible IT strategy so that everybody works along similar lines.
  • Set measurable strategic goals to guide the development of your IT Architecture.
  • Find out your organization's EAM maturity and plan your approach accordingly.
  • Create transparency on the progress of the strategy execution towards the management.


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